woensdag 22 september 2010

Hey guys, I've such a busy life- I mean for real, every single week is planned. I don't like that at all, I adore just to see what's coming, but all the party's and b'days of people are taking over my weekends. Now you may think; Why are you going to these party's and b'days if you don't like busy weekends? Well, that's 'cause I do like the party's, and a few of my dearest and nicest memories are from party's.. Maybe I just gotta slow it down a bit, so I'll have some relaxing weekends... Too bad that my upcoming 5 weekends are totally planned...

September 11th:
-Work from 8 'till 12.30
- B'day Jeanine
- B'day Thomas
- Gondelvaart with the guys at Nieuwkoop

September 18th:
- Nyca's B'day

September 14:
- Citylife with the girls

September 25th:
- Party at Tristan's (?)
- To Evon and Sander with Naomi

September 26th:
- With my sis to Amsterdam

October 2nd:
- Filmnight with Jolien

October 9th:
- Gourmet with old best friends of primary school
- Party of my parents, 25 years marriage

October 15th:
- Going with my family to Rome for 5 days!

October 19th:
- B'day Jeantien (don't know if I'm gonna make it,'cause I've not a clue about how late my plane arrives)

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  2. Anoniem25/9/10

    mijn verjaardag moet er ook nog ergens bij gepropt worden! ik weet alleen nog niet wanneer...

  3. Dennis de jong30/11/10

    iris zoiets als dit is makkelijk opgelost, lpan je weekenden niet al nodigen mensen je uit moet je gewoon zoiets hebben van.
    Fack die Shit