zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Parkpop 2010


A week ago, I went to Parkpop with some friends. It was really nice! There were a few artists we love; Alphabeat (great if you're in the mood to dance, and we were!) and Justin Nozuka (he didn't really connected with the public, but it was just cool to see him irl). Here are some pictures of this day.
1. Jeantien and me sitting in the tram 2. Lieke, Remy, Jeantien and Jolien walking to the (really cool) market of Parkpop 3. Just chillin' and sitting in the grass 4. Suzanne, Remy, Jolien- real good friends of mine 5. Remy took a picture of me taking a picture 6. Me and Jolien acting a bit goofy7. Justin Nozuka 8. Alphabeat 9. After we went to Parkpop, we had to switch train in Leiden, but we decided to stay there and drink something on a terrace, which was really nice! The restaurant was real nice, we sat outside on somekinda scaffold near the water (for the people who know Leiden, it was the restaurant near the V&D and Six),the sun was coming down and we laughed a lot.

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