zaterdag 17 juli 2010


Hi guys! Sorry for posting nothing in the past 10 days, but I was on holiday in Girona, Spain! It was amazing, we went to the house of a client of my dad, which had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, strawberryplants, olivetrees, tomatoplants and a swimmingpool. The weather was really nice, about 30 degrees and no clouds at all. Jolien went with me, and we went shopping at a shopping mall in Barcalona, snorkeling in l'Estartit, we saw the finale of the world football championship in a little cafe in Tossa de Mar and saw Barcelona itself. I'm still uploading all the pics, I will post some I've already uploaded from my other camera. I'm also making a little video of our holiday, so in about a few days it'll be on my blog. I just heard that next year we will problably go to a house of a client of my dad in Canary Islands or SiciliĆ«, Italy! And next schoolyear I'm going with school to Austria on wintersport and to Paris for a week, and with my family I'm going in the fall-holiday (no idea how you say this in English, but I hope this is ok) to a big city in Europe (problably Milan, Madrid or Athene) 'cause my parents are 25 years married this year, and maybe to Norway to another house of my dads client in the holiday in May. So there are comin' up some holiday's next year! x

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