vrijdag 11 juni 2010

Portrets of people which inspire me

I made this photo's a couple of weeks ago, while we were picnicking at the lake in Alphen a/d Rijn, what was really nice. On the first picture you see Lotte, the second is a photo of Jolien. The photo's aren't analogue, I just made them with my digital camera and edited them with Picnik. There was kind of a hippie atmosphere, which I love. Everyone had brought some nice food too. A few people I hadn't spoken for a while, so it was very nice to have some conversations with them again! The weather was very nice by the way, about 25 degrees and no wind so we lied in the grass and swam.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Twee hele mooie foto's hoor! Vooral nummer één is mijn favoriet, Lotte heeft een leuk jeurkje aan, maar Jolien eigenlijk hih.

  2. ik hoorde dat sarah foto's van je ging maken. of is dat niet zo? wel leuk in ieder geval! doei ouwe makker van me