dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Busy days

First going to school, making my French test and then we're going to the lake in Alphen aan den Rijn to celebrate vacation and just relax. In the evening I'm going with friends to the cinema, we're going to watch the movie 'Killers', which will probably be hilarious!
In the morning I'm going to work in the afternoon I'm going to Joliens party.
I'm going to Parkpop with Jeantien, Remy, Suzanne, Astrid, Jolien and Lieke, and I'm sooo looking forward to it! I can't wait! After Parkpop I'm sleeping over by Remy.
First I have to go to school to hand in my schoolbooks, and then I'm going to the BBQ for my class at a classmate which is living about 5 minutes (by bike) away from my house and Remy's going to sleep over by me.
I'm going to Amsterdam by bus with Lieke, Jolien and Remy. First we'll go to the 'nine streets' (I don't know how to translate it, but I hope this is okay) and after that I realy want to go to the Zara 'cause I haven't been there in such a long time.
Going to Jolien and problably sleep over.
Going to the beach and in the evening 'Blokland' party with Suzanne, Jeantien and Naomi!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk man, ik ga vrijdag trouwens ook naar de film, misschien kom ik je wel tegen. O! ga ik naar amsterdam. Daar wist ik nog niks van. Heb je trouwens zin om op woensdag (ik zie namelijk dat er nog nothing geplanned is) af te spreken?

  2. Anoniem24/6/10

    haha, ja jolien! Ik wou precies hetzelfde zeggen! Ik lees net dat ik dinsdag naar Amsterdam ga haha