zondag 8 november 2009


A few days ago, I had a conversation with my mom about happiness When are you really happy? Ultimate happiness. I told my mom, that I'm so glad I already can enjoy little things in life. That I get that amazing feeling inside my heart when I see, smell or hear something I really love. The most regular people discover this feeling about their 30's, and I can activate it already now... I've already learned to enjoy little things in life, and I have many years left. My life's gonna be fantastic!

My question for you; When are you really happy? When do you realise life is wonderful?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Iris

    Leuk dat je me volgt!
    Hele leuke blog heb je

  2. ehm.. ik weet eiglijk niet of ik echt gelukkig ben :S volgensmij kom ik er pas achter dat ik gelukkig was als ik het niet meer ben. . .
    egt goed stukje ik ga er helemaal overnadekne :)